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My name is actually Reunald C. P. Jones III, but everyone calls me “Renny J”! I’m originally from Brooklyn, NY, and I started playing drums when I was 10. I started on guitar when I was 14, and then moved to bass guitar shortly afterwards because I figured it would be easier playing on 4 strings instead of 6! I was raised in the Bed Stuy section of Brooklyn, NY (Lindsay Park baby!). I eventually moved to California to pursue my musical aspirations. I have a pretty good pedigree, which I believe allowed me to play as I do…

My grandfather & father (Reunald Sr. & Jr. respectively), were well known & accomplished trumpet players. Reunald Sr. (my grandfather, “Jonesy”) was one of the “Jones Boys”, a recording group which also included Quincy Jones & Eddie Jones…, he also played with Ella Fitzgerald, Count Basie, Duke Ellington, James Brown’s band  (The Famous Flames), Nat King Cole, & Count Basie, with whom he played with for many years.

Reunald Jr. (my dad “Bo”) played w/ James Brown (the J.B.’s), Sammy Davis Jr., Motown’s Funk Brothers, The 5th Dimension, Elvis Presley, Diana Ross, Micheal Jackson, Motown & other well-known artists. Some of the tracks he’s played on include Johnny Taylor – Cheaper To Keep Her, The Temptations – “Get Ready”, “I Can’t Get Next To You”, and “Superstar”, Chaka Khan & Rufus, “At Midnight”, Diana Ross – “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”, as well as every time you hear the theme songs to the television shows “Sanford & Son” and “Ironside”!

Because of my unique playing style, I’ve recorded with Parliament/Funkadelic, Donna Summer & Toni Braxton, and Billy Ocean, and have toured and/or played with Alicia Keys, Teena Marie, Evelyn Champagne King, The Intruders, Jimmy Sterling, as well as a host of other artists. I continued through the years playing & writing music. I currently have 4 albums available on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Napster, and Spotify. I currently write music for Film & Television, and have 49 Music Licenses, as well as various music in the Overhead Malls & Stores, and a few compilation C.D.’s.



Various  Artists  Produced  By  Renny J 

(Music  By  Renny J)




Just Thinkin’ Out Loud

Live 4 Today

What U Like 2 Do 4 Fun

U Already Know

Can’t Stop Thinkin’ About U



The Gurlz Keep Rockin

Thru Death’s Eyez

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